Q&A: Why do peple think black cats are bad luck?

Question by mars:Why peple think black cats are bad luck? I have a black cat and most of my cousins ​​/ Frands / family come becuz I will not think she is going to curse or something … Why is that? Ps = Why likes to hide in closets? is that a cat or something else? Best answer: Caro

its an old legend, plus the old days Familly believe that the more you will think that way, do not worry there are no black cats bad luck, and some cats as part of there hides his nature Cat Black Breeds

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6 Responses to “Q&A: Why do peple think black cats are bad luck?”

  1. You dont have to be racist.. Color has nothing to do with it, its jut a legend.

  2. Black has a long tradition of being viewed as evil. So anything black automatically has that stigma attached to it. It is nothing but foolishness to believe a black cat will hex someone.
    Note also that ancient Egyptians thought cats had mystical powers because their eyes glowed in the dark.

    Hiding in closets is absolutely a cat thing. Our closets happen to be the coolest places in our house, so we’ll often find one or more cat snoozing in there when it’s warm. When it’s cold one of ours will burrough between my pillows and snuggle up. Cats like close quarters, so they’ll get in any place that’s tight for a siesta. I recently had to fish out one of ours who had climbed onto a shelf in my bookcase and gotten behind the books and couldn’t get out. lol

  3. Cats (black cats in particular) suffered some major PR upset in Europe during the Middle Ages. Being nocturnal creatures, they became associated with witches and any older lady who lived alone and had a cat was automatically suspected of witchcraft. Black cats in particular became targets because their coloring allowed them to blend into shadows more easily and thus appear to pop out of seemingly nowhere. Remember, there was no electric lights back then… only firelight, so a black cat sitting only a few feet away from you would be all but invisible even if you are right by the fire. Other animals associated with witches (bats, wolves, rats, etc.) were not common household pets so the stigma didn’t really attach as well to them.

    Even from a religious perspective, early Jews and Christians both thought the cat was related to the serpent, which has long been a source of horror for early humans thanks to the biblical texts. Conversely, Muslims consider all cats to be favored pets and the prophet Muhammad was known to be very fond of all cats.

    Interestingly enough, in places like Japan and Egypt, black cats are considered GOOD luck, as they are the messengers between our world and the next and can represent a dead relative checking in on you to make sure you are okay.

    The hiding in the closet, is indeed a cat thing. They like to hide in boxes too. Any contained space makes them feel safe and hidden, especially during the day when they want to sleep.

  4. Black has always been seen as a color of evil. Think about it. The black of night is frightening, witches wear all black. It is a very old superstition. If some people see a black cat cross the road, they will drive out of the way not to go that way. It is very silly, but a widespread superstition.
    Yes, cats love closets, boxes, small spaces. They are curious and love to pretend they are hiding and waiting for prey to come by and then they will jump on it. When she is in the closet, walk by with a string on the ground and watch her pounce. It makes them feel like the might hunter protecting their turf. Good Luck.

  5. it is just a belief that if we see black cats things will go bad..they are cute too

  6. Cats love to hide mine would crawl in clothes draws that were left open. Shut them now. No black cats aren’t bad luck. Really no one you know will come over because of it? Tell them to just not let your cat cross there path.

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