Q&A: Why do people asume that someone who is looking for black kittens for Fall Equinox wants to hurt or kill them?

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by Bibi
Question by Gypsy Willow:Why do people assume that someone who is looking for black kittens for Autumn Equinox want to hurt or kill? For your information, I love cats and always wants one black. My husband wants to wait a few months to get what would be the fall or December everyone who wants a cat is black for fall malo.Mejor response: Answer

by Karen W
Unfortunately there are people out there who want that for nefarious reasons, enough for pet owners smart precaution

. What do you think? Answer below

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11 Responses to “Q&A: Why do people asume that someone who is looking for black kittens for Fall Equinox wants to hurt or kill them?”

  1. Um…yeah but if there’s sick people out there ”using” black cats at a certain time of year, is it going to ruin your life to wait a little longer?

  2. It’s more of a wives’ tale. Just some shelters have caught onto it.

    Call the shelter and tell them that you and your hubby are preparing to take in a cat. Tell them that you really want a black one, but you won’t be ready for a few months. Start the conversation with them now and then it won’t be suspect when you want one in the fall.

    I love my black cats! :)

    Good luck! :)

  3. I believe you may be a bit paranoid. Maybe if you are into drinking Witches Brew people may be suspect. But, I’ve never even thought about it as I’m sure you’ll find out others have never heard of it.

  4. No, but there are some people who do want them to hurt them around those times, and there are some extremely superstitious (not evil, IMO, but not very smart or nice either) people who will hurt them because they think a black cat is the evil one. So, to be on the safe side and make sure they are doing what’s best for the animals, they just won’t sell them or adopt them out at that time. Same goes for Christmas. Lots of shelters and rescues refuse to adopt out animals in December to be sure they aren’t being given as gifts to people who might not really want them, or won’t want them for very long. It’s just a safeguard for the animals, who are, after all, innocent.

    On the other hand, if someone comes in and says, “I want a black cat for the fall!” (which is how you worded your question) it makes it seem like the person just wants a seasonal decoration, and living beings should not be used for such a purpose.

  5. Because they’re following an urban legend that says more black cats are hurt in the fall, around Halloween. They *assume* that Satanists and Pagans will sacrifice black cats. In reality, the first rule in the redes of both are to not harm an animal except for food, or in defense. A house cat can’t fall into either category.
    But yes, there are people out there that would hurt a poor animal based on species or color…but that it is done more in the fall is superstition. I think it’s sad that we even have to protect our animals, what’s wrong with people?

  6. We know this.

    We do not allow adoptions from petsmart but we do allow adoption directly through the foster homes. Last fall I took my black foster cat Jacks to petsmart at adoptions with me in his Cincinnati Bengals gear and his cage all decorated. Another foster took hers and the cage with flying saucers and silly stuff. We do market them differently but we do allow it. We just don’t trust anyone else to do it.

  7. Churches frequently find tortured, decapitated bodies of black cats in the church yards near the equinox and Halloween. Why would owners and shelters take that chance? Think about it. Their needs take priority over your wants. You CAN wait, whether you want to or not.

  8. Unfortunately there are many who do hurt cats………… actually all animals, but cats especially because they have in the past, been called “familiars” of witches. They are also found in pictures of satan and portrayed as evil. To me, to worship any being other than the Lord God, thru His Son Jesus Christ, is bad. This is MY belief. Having said that, not all satanism involves mutilation of animals, whether cat or goat or bat, etc. But enough do, to make someone’s desire to have a black cat near or at Halloween, suspect. In my area, we lost nearly all of the black cats one year. It was horrible. My little female, half feral black cat is so densely black that unless she moves, when she is in the shadows, you do not see her. Lol, I called her last night and all I could see coming across the yard was her white teeth, eye shine and red tongue as she meowed her way to me. ~*~ hugs~*~ good luck with your search.

  9. Because they are narrow minded and dumb!!!!! I have had about three black cat’s over the years and I am searching for one now. I know lot’s of people think they are bad luck, but to tell you the truth when our family has a black cat we have GOOD LUCK. Honestly!!!!! My best cat was named Shadow, and that was what he was, my shadow. When he died it just about broke my heart and I have waited over four years before searching for a new black cat. Tell everyone to just kiss you butt and get one when you can find one. Also tell them to open up their minds and quit living in the dark ages.

  10. Yeah, I volunteer at an animal shelter and we’ve definitely seen it. Around that time we sometimes have stray cats come in with poked out eyes, burns, or other severe injuries. We are also in close contact animal control, we live in a small county and the officers come in a daily basis to bring us stray animals and pick up our euthanized animals. They get all sorts of reports of people doing really heinous things to black cats around that time of year, and often times they can be substantiated with evidence, so obviously it’s not just prank calls or overly suspicious or concerned people. I have 4 black cats (I had a foster litter of 5 black kittens and a black mother, I only ended up adopting out two of the kittens) and I would be in a total panic if one of them got lose, especially around that time of year.

  11. How do you come across when asking potential cat/kitten breeders/families etc for the cats? don’t tell anyone it is for equinox you can have a hidden agenda (even as a pagan)! I am not suggesting you are but I too am a cat lover that used to work for the SPCA. When I would foster cats I just wanted them to find suitable homes. I love black cats too but you do realize that not everyone has pure intentions and many black cats do go missing around Halloween. We cannot help those sick minds; but if you have always wanted a black cat that’s what you tell people. That for some time you have thought about getting a cat and as a family decision (you and yours) have decided that the fall is the appropriate time. Let people see you as a cat lover and you will not have any problems. Good luck. Every cat has a unique personality and I hope you find one that suits you.

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