Q&A: Why do cats act different on a full moon?

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by Bibi
Question by Izz:Why cats act differently on a full moon? He asked the other day. My black cat tends to go a little crazy and run around the house when the moon is full or close to one. Does anyone know why this is’? Does your cat do this? Best answer: Answer

by Maddie
The moon has a special effect in animals (including humans). It controls the water, so when the full moon rises the water in our body that makes us act differently. Animals are mostly water.

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2 Responses to “Q&A: Why do cats act different on a full moon?”

  1. As a retired ER nurse, I have experienced humans get a little weird/wild during a full moon. Cats are made up of the same atoms so they probably act the same way.
    It actually has to do with the gravitational pull by the moon on the water in our make up. Same with cats.

  2. Yup my cat does this….goes a little nuts as usual…lol

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