Q&A: Why did my cats fur change colour like this?

Question by Veronica Storm:Why is my cats fur change color like this? My cat is a female black 3-4 months of age, and often have to throw my cat out of it, because parts privadas.Los licks two are black cats and I’ve noticed that the hair is not white I mean it’s pretty obvious. That’s natural.Hoy days women rolled onto his stomach and I noticed that his hair is brown white previously. What could have caused this? White hair on the neck / chest looks white. Surprisingly, the white snow. No response marrón.Mejor : Answer by Steph

some cats may darken colors, even just come with age, even domestic long / short hairs as youspor example, I lynx and seal mink bengals seal lynx born white then develop spots / marble, minks are born with some stains / marble then darkens to a color tri Beautie

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One Response to “Q&A: Why did my cats fur change colour like this?”

  1. That’s odd. But I would think either the cats are out in direct sun too much or its saliva that is turning the coat a different color.

    Please NEUTER AND SPAY your cats/kittens quickly. Kittens can and do breed as early as 4 months old and if your entire male is breeding a 4 month old kitten she CAN get pregnant and that would kill her.

    If your vet refuses to do early spay/neuter before 6 months old then keep them separated at all times until both are neutered and spayed.

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