Q&A: Why are cats so often acquainted with the supernatural?

Question by Jessica:Why cats often familiar with the supernatural? Often here in a lot of stories and movies that cats are often associated with supernatural things. As witches kept black cats, or in the 2005 film Constantine film when I was doing a ritual that would allow him enter hell in search of Angela’s twin sister, took a cat to look in his eyes. He also stated that “cats are good” So my question is, is there something special about cats? I know that in Egypt they were worshiped, but not sure about anything else. Best answer:

Answer by J
in ancient Egypt cats were so useful in the pursuit and capture of mice that were worshiped. when they died they were mummified like the Pharaohs. Also, I’ve even talked to veterinarians say animals are psychic.

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2 Responses to “Q&A: Why are cats so often acquainted with the supernatural?”

  1. I don’t know for sure, but I’ve got a theory.

    Cats have always been interesting to our species. They’re natural born predators, but not like dogs or reptiles. Cats use a wide array of intelligence and subtlety when they hunt. Even though they have almost mythical strength and speed, they use more than brute strength. They combine those with their exceptional balance, ninja-like stealth, razor reflexes and natural patience to mold themselves into the perfect assassin. Back in the days when we all lived up trees, we had good reason to fear them.

    In addition to fear, there’s fascination. Not only are their physical abilities amazing, but looking into a cat’s eyes you’ll see some deep intelligence in there. They’re not mindless killers like piranha, not even balls-out aggressors like wild dogs. They’re more the calculating type, anticipating the moves of their prey before they even consider moving in. That’s something to be respected.

    I don’t like house cats myself (they make me sneeze, they’re snobs, etc.), but I’ve got to give credit to the species. In the wild, they’re the animal nobody wants to mess with.

  2. Legends of cats and witchcraft have origins in ancient Egypt. The cat was revered in ancient Egypt, condemned in the Middle ages, and has been credited for having a connection to other realms. In Bubastis, cats were thought to be a goddess incarnate and were treated as such.
    Witch with black cat

    Legends of witches have been largely misconstrued and colored by the oppression of the Christian churches… during the Middle Ages especially. Unspeakable tortures were inflicted on people thought to be using sorcery, as this challenged their interpretation of the Christian bible. It was said that these “witches” practiced the ancient religions of gods and goddesses, and had learned the “trickery” of shape shifting into other animals, particularly cats. Many of these religious leaders believed that cats by their very nature were evil and sent from the Devil himself to assist witches in their “evil deeds”.

    The belief in cats as having otherworldly powers did not start with the agendas of the religious zealots of the European Middle Ages… although they can certainly be credited for any negative connotation. In ancient Egypt, the cat (or “mau” as it was known) was respected as a great hunter and useful for keeping rodents away. Cats in and of themselves were not worshipped, however the ancient city of Bubastis which is a short distance northeast of Cairo along the Nile, named itself after the feline goddess Bastet.

    Read more: http://www.trueghosttales.com/cats-ancient-egypt-legends-witches.php

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