Q&A: Why are black cats the least adopted?

Question by texbullseye:Why black cats adopted so? I have heard that there are more black cats are euthanized in shelters more than any other cat. People just do not like to adopt them. What is the reason? Best answer: Answer by Craven Moorhead

people have superstitions about black cats ..

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13 Responses to “Q&A: Why are black cats the least adopted?”

  1. don’t know since they are the first to go here.

  2. Although black cats are beautiful, many people see black cats as a bad omen. Or in other words, bad luck. There fore the cats are less adopted.

  3. Some people claim that it’s because people have superstitions about them being “unlucky”.

    It’s more likely though, it’s because they don’t show well. Typically, shelter cages don’t have the best backlighting or natural light, so dark cats show poorly. They’re harder to see, they blend in and they don’t catch your eye. Flashier cat colors typically draw in the eye and intrigue people. The same goes for black dogs.

  4. because some people think they are bad luck

  5. Well some people believe that supestion! Black cats in my town go just as fast as the other colors though!

  6. Ppl say its a ba omen, but if u believe cats have personalities according to their coats, black cats tend to be bossy and wild. I’ve had a lot of black cats. They’re often rambunctious and easily distracted, but hunters. Not really a tame kind of cat. More often than not their fur is not totally soft. I like black cats tho.

  7. Black dogs are also the number one type of dog euthanized. Big black dogs like labs and rotties to be exact. It could be from a multitude of reasons. Maybe they don’t look as friendly or people just want colorful individual looking animals. Also, black cats are affiliated with bad luck and halloween. They’ve always been my favorite colored cat though.

  8. The same thing happens with black dogs.

    I guess some people think black animals are boring and not very eye catching, so that’s why everyone wants coloured ones.

  9. Silly superstition. There are still idiots who think that cats are from the Devil, or some crap like that.

    I have an all-black cat named Luna who I ADORE. She’s sleeping next to me right now! One reason why I adopted her is because she wasn’t getting adopted by anyone, and I was attached to her. So, she came home with me.

    It’s a shame, isn’t it? Black cats and dogs are no different from other black cats and dogs.

  10. I love black cats! Unfortunately, black cats are linked to bad luck amongst Christians.

    I, however, wish my black kitten wasn’t stolen. :( He was SOO cute! :D

  11. i really dont know i think its the thing that peaple say black cats r bad luck

  12. Yeah they are back luck. But i would love a black cat if i had any cat. They are so shiny and pretty.

  13. i have no idea?? but black cats are beautiful :)

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