Q&A: Which cat breed is the one most likely to have solid black with blue eyes cats?

Question by Kiwi ♥:What cat breed is the most likely to have solid black cat with blue eyes? a I know it’s rare to see a black cat with blue eyes, but if they exist, that breed or mix of breeds is usually? Best answer:

Reply by Ocimom
You can find them in the Japanese Bobtail breed. This breed is known for unusual eye color / colors of the layer. I saw a picture of a red tabby with blue eyes in a JBT.Para Jack – show me a black Persian with blue eyes (not a kitten). Blacks are supposed to have eyes the color of gold – I’ve never seen one and know that they are “common”

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3 Responses to “Q&A: Which cat breed is the one most likely to have solid black with blue eyes cats?”

  1. Possibly one of the Japanese rare breeds, possibly a chance cross breeding.

  2. Black persians with blue eyes are not that unusual in the breed, however blue eyed persians tend to be undesired since persians with blue eyes usually tend to be partially deaf if not completely deaf…

    ~Also, some breeders have achieved black cats with blue eyes by cross breeding, usually with crosses between a siamese, tonkinese, or other blue eyed cat breed, with a black cat of another breed…

    ~Edit: To Percy and Ocimom, there is such a thing as a blue eyed black persian. As for it being a breed standard, I said no such thing, I only stated that it isn’t as unusual as one would think. Learn to read and to actually understand what it is you are reading before you deem yourselves capable of commenting. Yes they do exist, yes I have seen them first hand, and yes they were purebred persians. I personally know someone that breeds purebred persian cats and did end up with a few black persians with blue eyes. As for the breeds I listed for crosses that have been known for giving blue eyed cats that are black, that is quite true as well…go do some research before you call someone a liar…I know what I’m talking about, the question is, do you?

  3. The Ojos Azules is the only pedigreed cat that can be black with blue eyes. It takes very, very specialized breeding in order to produce a blue eyed black cat and cats of this type are VERY very rare.

    Jack’s wrong about Blue-eyed Black Persians. The breed standard for a Black Persian is copper eyes and I have never heard of – or seen – a blue-eyed Persian. I’m about 99.9% sure there’s no such thing. Blue-eyed White, yes. Blue-eyed Black – NO.

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