Q&A: Where can you take a black cat in san diego so it’s safe in October?

Question by needknowledge:Where can I have a black cat in San Diego, so it’s safe in October? there is a black cat hanging around my house that does not come, but I want to keep safe during Halloween time. I hear there’s a place that reflects the black cats in October to get them off the streets. I live in San Diego.Mejor response: Answer

I would definitely find a way to get in nad put it in your bathroom (a small area, confined to the insurance that ) with its own bed and blankets litterbox, water and comida.Tenemos the same problem here (everywhere, I guess) Not adopt black cats from about October 15 until after Halloween for this very reason (unless they have been interviewed and there is a good feeling about them, otherwise it won ‘t be to adopt a black cat).

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2 Responses to “Q&A: Where can you take a black cat in san diego so it’s safe in October?”

  1. Contact your local animal shelter. They will have humane traps that they can use to catch the little guy. After that, they will help him find his forever home!

  2. I’m not sure but a place that collects them doesn’t sound very safe. Do they kill them? Your object should be to keep the cats safe. What are you planning on doing with it after halloween? We have had many black cats and one who was still a stray was killed on halloween because he was black. We keep all our cats inside on halloween, especially our black ones, but they have all been turned into inside cats so that’ss not a problem anymore. If youAbsolutelyy can’t take the cat inside, can you sit outside with him while the trick-or-treat ers are coming and going?

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