Q&A: Where can I get a good pair of cat ears for Halloween?

Question by Makayla Biesinger:Where I can get a good pair of cat ears for Halloween? I will be a black cat for Halloween, but I can not find a good pair of ears and tails anywhere! I wish the ears to be in a band, without masks or hair clips, please. I prefer the line to be long and fluffy, but any glue that remains is good! Cat Black Breeds Please help me with this! Thank you: D Best answer:

Answer by Crow
you could make your own (if you know how) or ask a friend to get you some.

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5 Responses to “Q&A: Where can I get a good pair of cat ears for Halloween?”

  1. Have you ever thought about using a headband that holds a woman’s hair back? You can make your own ‘ears’ by getting material sewn around a wire. Probably a wire clothes hanger and shape it to an ear. A ‘tail’ can be sewn up to. Hope I’ve helped giving you some ideas.

  2. Check out party city! They have so much of that stuff for Halloween-check it outt! If not, target has a good selection of costumes! :) good luck

  3. ….. a cat…………

  4. My next door neighbour. Their cat really pisses me off.

  5. Party city has a bunch in all different colors and sizes!

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