Q&A: Whats a good name for a female black cat?

Question by faery1219:What is a good name for a black cat woman? My sister just got a cat. She is all black, very pretty, silky smooth skin …. he has no idea about a name for it though. We do not want a common name or Blacky Midnight lik without embargo.Mejor response: Answer

magic <3

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35 Responses to “Q&A: Whats a good name for a female black cat?”

  1. How about Onyx? Give it a few days and she’ll work herself into a name. My parents had a cat that they couldn’t figure out a name for and ended up calling her Jenny – short for Generic (the no-name brand). She lived to be 18.

  2. ravyn or bast…even isis….if you ask her a name will come to you!

  3. witchy woman or b***h.

  4. How about “Brockett”?

  5. my neighbors had 2 gorgous black cats a long time ago.. their names were Midnight and Moonlight. also, my grandmother named her black cat “Boston Blacky” .

  6. Ganymede…. One of Jupiters moons and I believe its also the largets moon in the solar system. It is beautiful.

  7. dusty, velvet or dutchess

  8. Lucifer…. and you can call her Lucy

  9. Black Diamond, mystical….Alex

  10. Here are a few names you could try Abracadabra, Black Magic, Charm, Cleopatra, Egypt, Snowball!, Wednesday. I have 2 balck cats and they are fuzz and dookie! I love that name dookie lol

  11. Noirette, after all she is a kitty fashionplate. Or Bastet, the cat goddess.

  12. HI…I was thinking “Ebony”,but someone already submitted that one. :(
    You could call her “Sabbath”, “Sade”(say-dee), “Star” or “Sapphire”!

  13. Well, my black male cat is named mud (like mudslide & “my name is mud” from Primus)

    My parents named theirs midnight, but you could go with Luna.

    Or my personal favorite, Mrs. Fluffy Fofo on Tuesdays when it’s 3pm & and a blue moon out side, & don’t forget the Jack Daniels.

    My husband like chocolate flavored orange.

    Have fun with it.

  14. Ink. (like pen ink!)

    Best Wishes!

  15. “Butterfly” after Butterfly McQueen famous black actress. (Gone with the Wind, Showboat)

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