Q&A: What warrior cat name is best for a black cat with green eyes?

Question by :What warrior cat name is best for a black cat with green eyes? His real name is Selena, which means moon, so anything with the name of the moon would be great. She has short black hair and bright green eyes. It was grandes.Yo bones too lol pensandoMoonshadowMoonflowermoonheartalguna suggestions? Best answer : Bill Answer


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3 Responses to “Q&A: What warrior cat name is best for a black cat with green eyes?”

  1. I think since her eyes are bright, and IF she is also bright and happy, it should be
    Moonsoul (or)

  2. Moonmint, Mintstream, Nightleaf, Moonleaf, Blossomshadow, Sleekshade, Moonrise, Hollymoon, Leafshade, Darktree, Treeshadow, Nightheart, Duskleaf, Blackleaf.

    OK!!!! hope this helps!!!! =)

  3. Moonshine, Moonbright, Moonstream, Moonshimmer, Moonflicker, Moonember, Moonfeather, Moondance, Moonsparkle, Moonlight

    I really am thinking something like Moonlight, Moonshine, Moon bright. Something that has to do with light or fire. Some more examples are:

    Moonfire, Moonflame, Moondawn, Moonsun.

    Good luck! =D

    PS- If she had a tribe name I would name her Moon through Night’s Cloud, Moon That Sparkles In Dusk, and Moon That Dissapears In Dawn Light. The first one, though, the most, then the other 2. =)

    EDIT: Oh yes. Your idea of Moonflower, though very good, has been taken. Moonflower was Bluestar and Snowfur’s mother. She died a few sunrises after the sisters were apprenticed. The two were sent with their mother along with many other cats to fight Windclan after a ‘sign from Starclan’ was given to them. They were just taking prey, but Moonflower’s brother the meddy cat Goosefeather predicted that wind would take over thunderclan, leaving it a arren wasteland. The fierce medicine cat, Hawkheart, of Windclan killed Moonflower.

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