Q&A: What should I dress my cat as for Halloween?

Question by Holli:What should I dress my cat as for Halloween? He is a black cat with golden eyes. I found a lot of outfits I like, but I can not seem to find the right for hm. I have really wanted to wear it so any ideas on what I should dress like? Any suggestions would be helpful! ThanksssMejor response: Answer

by Packman52
Well, I would suggest anything, but it’s always fun when you dress like a pumpkin. That’s what I think it looks better

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12 Responses to “Q&A: What should I dress my cat as for Halloween?”

  1. a peice i of candy lol =]

  2. um as a black cat with gold eyes.

    I think it’s cruel to dress up animals. The only reason a pet should be dressed up is when taken outside in the cold and is to small to be warm without some protection on.

  3. I suggest you find one that doesn’t require a lot of dressing up because it might be uncomfortable, maybe a witch? You can find some cool, comfy, and simple costumes at http://www.petsmart.com/ or http://www.petco.com/

  4. -a witch
    -a pumpkin
    -a bunny
    -a dog
    -a doctor(better yet, a vet)
    -a bee
    -a chicken
    -a mouse
    -a bat(or vampire)
    -last but not least, a banana

    Happy halloween, hope you and your cat have fun :) I hope this helps.

  5. only dress your cat up if you know it doesn’t bother him if you go outside with him maybe you should dress up as a witch and he should be your signature black cat because his eyes are gold you guys would look very cool(:

  6. I’m drawing up my male tabby cat TinkerBell as a fairy, he’s gonna be wearing his fairy wings. Last year he was dressed up as a Witch. The witch costume didn’t last 5 seconds on him!!! : )

    Anyways, here are some suggestions for cat costumes…

    Regardless of what you pick, ensure the costume stays on your cat as they will wiggle out of it!!!!

    Not many cats will put up with wearing a costume. Many mellow ones may allow you to dress them up, but once they figure out how uncomfortable the suit is, they will walk away in an awkward manner or even literally run away and search for a place to hide. Chances of success are much higher if the costume does not impair movement. Be always kind and gentle when dressing up your cat and give out a treat for collaborating. If after wearing the costume, the cat looks comfortable, then perhaps he or she will take well dressing up for this Halloween.

  7. A mummy. Then after you bandage your scratches, the two of you will look the same.

  8. I would not dress him at all. Cats are not dolls and do not like being dressed up…..

  9. Don’t dress up your cat! Your cat will not appreciate this. If you want a cute little thing to dress up like a doll for Halloween just have a kid like everyone else.

  10. he seems really cool-looking! : D

    I love it when they dress them up as frogs! Look up cat frog on google images its sooo adorable!!! >w<

    But honestly, I wouldnt dress him up, he might not like it!

  11. i wouldnt dress him up..

  12. go to the 99 cent store and get him something to just throw over

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