Q&A: What should I call my new black kitten? Short haired american breed I think?

Cat Black Breeds
by Bibi
Question by pinkmusic108:What should I call my new black kitten? Short haired American race I think? You do not like common names, like all black cat named shadow appears, Midnight, or blacky. I want something a little different. Any suggestions? I think this is a response hembraMejor : Answer

by srfgrl123
jengibreequiposketchkit katdantigre …

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20 Responses to “Q&A: What should I call my new black kitten? Short haired american breed I think?”

  1. I was thinking…
    “Emarald”… and you could call her for short, “Emma”

  2. Kalo or Kala – means black in Bangladesh/ India
    Salem (from Sabrina)

  3. Jackie or Naomi. luv those names on a cat!

  4. Moon,Jade,Sophie,Spunky?

  5. what about isis (i-sis), midnight, moonbeam, mystic

  6. WTF? Call it anything you like, the cat won’t care.

    What about Maud? (“Come into the garden, Maud …”)
    Ceefer (See-fur … C fer cat …)

    At least go for something less obvious than your ideas – otherwise when you shout it in you’ll get at least 1/3 of all black cats for about 3 miles around.

  7. I had a little black&white kitten,
    we called her Dimmi (as in dimsim) haha.
    (coz they say dimsims are made outta cats).

    You might think thats mean but we just thought it was funny. & it was different & cute. hehe

  8. coal
    bj-black jumper

  9. twilight. ebony. whatever makes you happy.

  10. How about Onyx or Ebony

  11. What every u like hippy and hallown

  12. how about Cricket or Raven

  13. You should pick a name that is unique and reflects the kitten’s attitude. For example, if she goes around sticking her nose in the air and only wanting to be bothered when she wants to be then you could name her Snootie. Just go with what seems to fit the kitten, because she will be your friend for life. You will be able to read your cat and vice versa. Only you can really pick the name. Don’t worry if it seems off the wall, go for it.

  14. Onyx,Ezmeralda, Purrcilla, Queenie, Sheba,Dot, Licorice.

  15. if you like r & b music or rap you could give her a name from there like :

    Kanye, Nelly or Lil Kim

    Binx from the movie Hocus Pocus, that was the talking black cat’s name

    Ash or Ashes
    Magic as in black magic

  16. Snowball. I had a black kitten and named him Snowball.

  17. I like Colby. : ) It is a british name for coal miner.

  18. I have a black male cat I named him Neo (from the movie The Matrix). If it was a girl Try Trinity (also from The Matrix).I also didn’t want common names for my black cat.

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