Q&A: What kind of makeup (minimal) should I use for Halloween, im being a black cat?

Question by I’mhavingagoodtime:What kind of makeup (minimum) should I use for Halloween, that im a black cat? not for kids store-bought big black im cute wearing a suit. nail polish, skin, what? by the way the most popular grls in my grade really WAER things for children (no, not trying to b like them I like cats) Besides, where I can find a band of cat? for really cheap? smoke .. LUV it! but I am only armed with black nail polish, brown eyeliner. Maybe I can find a sale very cheap for the shadows and eyeliner .. Best answer: Reply

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11 Responses to “Q&A: What kind of makeup (minimal) should I use for Halloween, im being a black cat?”

  1. I would make your eyes really dark and smokey!

  2. I guess you could melt a bunch of hershey’s dark chocolate and dip your face into it like an apple in caramel to make a candy apple.

  3. Just get black waterproof eye liner, but a dot about half an inch around on your nose with some whiskers extending out of it. Cat headbands are at every halloween store for about $ 5 or less.

  4. Black eyeline for whiskers. Dollar tree has cat head bands

  5. with a black eyeliner draw wiskers and nose… be a kid as long as possible, try not to grow up so fast…

  6. I agree with PInk Girl, make your eyes dark and seductive by lining the top with Liquid eyeliner try to make it heavy so that it’s kinda feline looking. Red lipstick could be hot, but be careful it could look dragish. Watch a few Batman flicks for ideas, Catwoman was a vixen!

  7. use a brown lipgloss, black maskara, white eyeshadow, and thats it

    i was a black cat once so i should know

  8. Use the brown eyeliner and draw a circle in your hand fill it in, now you have brown eyeshadow, you can definatly do smokey with it; line your outer corners and use the “Shadow” to work upwards and smudge, Now I would use the remainder to put on your cheeks, just below the cheekbone where you see the models do it, to create brown Kitty Cheeks, Don’t do this all th etime though, eyeliner will clog your pores if you do it alot

    Cat head bands are at walmart all the time and cheap or the dollar store.

  9. You can use the cheap Maybelene broen pencil for the eyeliner and the cat somkey part. Look at CATS…the musical site and you will see how they do the eyes, all cat eyes are different and you might see the one you want for you. You can also make cat ears with felt and wire. Just decide on the size and shape of the ear and cut out two for each ear. Glue them together with the wire around the outer edge, on the inside. Then leave enough unglued felt on the bottom to glue to a really cheap headband, the color of your hair and the ears. Look at costuem sites for kids and they will give you good ideas also. Have fun!

  10. i don’t no ware u can find a headband but, you can buy make^ at Claire’s.they have really really CUTE…i tell ya CUTE, make^ there!

  11. Black of every would be perfect.Halloween USA should be cheap.

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