Q&A: What kind of magic calls for a black cat or kitten to have its tail cut off?

Question by I love you too!:What kind of magic called a black cat or cat to have short tails? If you have nothing nice to say, do not submit it here! I’m looking for informative answers! I only ask because I see a lot of dead black cats and kittens with their tails cut off. It has been rumored that some people in some kind of “magic” in the area I’ve seen. Best answer:

Reply by The Real Me Santeria
. It’s legal.

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5 Responses to “Q&A: What kind of magic calls for a black cat or kitten to have its tail cut off?”

  1. The spell is called “Please arrest me for animal abuse,” and it isn’t as successful as it should be.

  2. Sleeping cat under car hood magic spell..

  3. Ebil magic Dx Poor kittehs

  4. I don’t know either, but its against the law and refered to as animal cruelty. Evil “magic” does exist as far as I know. I think those kind of people should suffer the same way.

  5. None that I know of.

    Chances are, if there are cats with tails cut off, it’s people who are interested in mutilating and torturing cats so they can blame witches. These people have nothing better to do.

    In ancient times, when witches would cast spells, the ingredients they used were coded with names of animal parts to keep their spells secret. They would use code words like “eye of newt” to call an herb that probably looked like what they called it (as now botany has given proper names to these plants). Cat Tails are a plant that are found on the side of roads and highways in swampy areas. They are called so as that’s what they look like. If someone is posing as someone who uses magic, encounters something calling for cattails, an inexperienced person might take this as a literal term.

    More often than not, it’s a bunch of kids playing around with the lives of innocent animals. Disgusting.

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