Q&A: what is the significance of a white cat in islam?

Question by M/o/e:What is the meaning of a white cat in Islam? Well, I heard that black cats are bad for some reason and just wanted to know because I see a lot of black cats but I also see white somthimes so there is a meaning for cats blancos.Mejor response: Answer asskicker

by Liberal
bad aim?

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9 Responses to “Q&A: what is the significance of a white cat in islam?”

  1. All I know is that white cats can’t jump.

  2. Here’s an interesting article with some legends about cats:


    “By the example of the prophet Mohammed, the white Angoras were esteemed in the osmanic world and are honored as National cat since then .”


  3. Awwwwe..white kittys. They love white cats.

  4. No. Cats are very much allowed by Muslims. Its dogs that are not allowed because their saliva is dirty even for black dogs your supposted to stay away from it. but cats, ALL colors are perfectly okay in Islam, even black ones. Anyone who says otherwise is just talking out of superstition, not religion. Any shiekh or Islamic teacher will tell you the same

  5. This is found in a book I have called The Fundamentals of Tawheed:

    Good fortune and misfortune are both from Allah and cant be caused by good luck charms such as lucky rabbits feet, four leaf clovers, wishbones, lucky numbers, zodiac signs, etc, or by omens of bad luck such as friday the 13th, breaking mirrors, black cats, etc. In fact a belief in charms and omens is a manifestation of the grave sin of Shirk in this form of Tawheed.

  6. There is no significance of either a white or black cat. Superstition is forbidden in Islam.

    ‘It was not Allah who instituted (superstitions like those of) a slit-ear she-camel, or a she-camel let loose for free pasture, or idol sacrifices for twin births in animals, or stallion camels freed from work; it is blasphemers who invent a lie against Allah; but most of them lack wisdom.’ 5:103, Holy Qur’an.

  7. There is no significance of black or white cats in islam.These are just self made stories

  8. no cats are cats but in the matter of colour it is said an animal which is all just one colour is not good, wheater it be an all white,black, brown dog/cat/ even bird…

    any animal with more then one colour is ok…

    it’s said any animal that all one colour is most probably a jinn…

  9. there is no significance according to the white cat in islam

    but the problem sometimes r related to the black cat

    because the satan can be formed on the shape of a black cat ,,,, because the black color is more close to evil

    here u r Animal Rights IN Islam

    and to know more about islam here u r some recommended sites







    Quran Miracles encyclopdia


    may ALLAH bless u and guide u to the straight path and every body

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