Q&A: what is the relevence of a black kitten on a full moon?

Question by rsaenz007:What is the relevence of a black kitten on a full moon? I was driving home from school one day when a black cat ran in front of my car and I had to stop on my brakes to avoid hitting the cat. The cat makes it safely across the street and keep on driving. No less than a hundred feet and two red flares on the opposite side of the road was right at the same time a song started playing creepy radio. Did I mention it was a full moon? Does anyone have any idea what this means? Best answer: Answer

by rishathra7
I think you’re on a losing streak.

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14 Responses to “Q&A: what is the relevence of a black kitten on a full moon?”

  1. It means nothing…unless you psych yourself out and actually create it to mean something…

  2. Nothing……it’s all just superstition

  3. If a black cat crosses your path you will have bad luck.

    It is an omen. Bad moon arising and all that rot.

    I would plan on driving carefully and watching my ps and qs for a while.

    best of luck

  4. I think it was just an eerie sort of night….don’t make yourself crazy thinking you are doomed…I have a black cat, full moon and have for many years…no tourble yet!!!

  5. Usually a black cat crossing your path is thought to be bad luck if you are superstitious.

    Myself, I’d just chalk it up to coincidence.

  6. Black kittens are just extra cute, no matter what time of day it is.

    Black kittens or cat just blend into the night easier, that’s why you see more of them at night. Cats have such good night vision that white-colored cats can actually see the moonlight shining off of them. They’re less apt to want to go outside and skulk around.

  7. it’s just a superstition that’s all,a black cat ran in front of me one day and i won a tennis match, black cats are beautiful, i have some and they are sweet

  8. If your superstishous then you may have bad luck or a curse

    If your not then it may just be a coinsadince

    I believe in the first one, but it up to you really.

  9. It means nothing. Once upon a time, overzealous religious folks that black cats had something to do with witches. It’s a made up story.

  10. Get a hobby and keep yourself busy so you don’t think of things like this.

    When the mind is in idle the Devil likes to take the wheel and you will go for a ride, an ugly one at that. Keep it in 1st gear at the very least.

  11. It means your vivid imagination has produced the opening sequence to a cheezy horror movie. Where you choose to take the story you’re making up, and if you can get it published and produced into a feature film that makes millions, is entirely up to you.

  12. nothing but some people are nuts and believe stupid things which are not true. when one has a black cat you have to keep it in the hosue month before and after halloween some people do bad things to cat.s


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