Q&A: What is a good name for my cat?

Question by Kimberley Field:What is a good name for my cat? My cat is black with blue eyes. Any suggestions? Best answer: Answer

by Roquell J
pampering or perhaps the shadow ….

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7 Responses to “Q&A: What is a good name for my cat?”

  1. Officer Meow

    Best cat name ever, just thought of it, and I”m gonna get a cat and name it that. but you should name your cat that too. for sure.

  2. midnight, blacky ,or chuck lol

  3. He/she knows. They’ll let you know. Keep ur heart open!

    The cats names in my life were:

    Annie (for Animal)
    Junior ( Vickie was an unwed mother)
    Shaemus (so pale he had to be Irish)
    Tootsie (my “baby”, named for the movie)
    Belle (such a lady). But they named themselves!

  4. It is your choice what you want to name your cat.
    The person at the service desk at the pet shop will tell you either if it is a boy/girl.
    Here is a good website to go to http://www.huggies.com.au/baby-names (i know it say’s baby names but this might help). You can find what the name you have picked means and what country it originally was made up from.
    Thanks i hope this helps!

  5. Each language you will need to take care about the pronunciation.

    English: Nala, Bluna, Aurora

    Japanese: Sakura, Nana, Aidaa

    Question is do you want a normal name or something funny, something unique ?
    I chose the name for my cat according to her behavior.

    Cat1 : Takka (German pronunciation) ( cat had surgery and kinda staples were used to close it)
    Cat2 : Dot aka Dotty (white spots on her fur and when she was sleeping she was drooling)
    Cat3 : Slowly aka little stoner (cat had a slow behavior like he was on drugs or something, really funny slow but joyful cat )

  6. Maybe try something based on a personality trait? For example, some family cats we have had were named Surprise (because she came unexpectedly), Miracle (because she survived an accident), Rascal and Rowdy (twin brothers who were VERY playful), and Salsa (because he is feisty).

    Or possibly based on looks: for instance, Carmel (she has thin lines on her face the color of caramel); Bandy (she has a mask-like pattern on her face, short for Bandit); Garfield (pretty obvious, orange); Dewey (who looks just like the cat from the book written about the famous library cat, Dewey Readmore Books.)

    You might name it something you like about it such as: Fluffy or Cuddles.
    I can think of only one other thing you could base the cat’s name on is a great historical figure or a family ancestor. :)

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