Q&A: what happens if a black cat crosses your path 3 times in 24 hours?

Question by Tyler Sizemore:What if a black cat crosses his path three times in 24 hours? every night when I get home from my uncles a black cat crosses the street. crossed our path today so he turned around and restarted our way, but when we got further along the road that crossed us again. Best answer:

Reply by DrDiabolical seems
like its time to go out with the shotgun.

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9 Responses to “Q&A: what happens if a black cat crosses your path 3 times in 24 hours?”

  1. find your self some four-leaf clovers and hold on tight.


  3. I own a black cat. guess how many times my path gets crossed in a day.

    It’s just a cat, you’ll be fine. most superstitions are simply a self fulfilling prophesy ( as in, you think you’ll get bad luck so you end up causing bad things to happen to yourself)

  4. She or he is just hunting for mice or it’s wild and feeding her babies…A black cat crossing your path is an old wives tale…nothing will happen to you.

  5. All I know about black cats is that I had one, and loved her with all my heart.

    She was the smartest cat I ever had. I would throw her ping pong balls and she never sent them back the same way twice!

    Instead she would send them back in intricate patterns, by bouncing them and deflecting them off the walls, in different patterns everytime, thus keeping me from ever getting bored!

    And that should have been very hard to do, because I lived alone.

    Molly ( that was her name ), was not only the smartest but also the most affectionate cat I ever had, no offense to the wonderful cats I’ve had before and after her.

    I could hold her anytime, and she would lay her head on my shoulder as I carried her.

    Maybe this black cat would like to be you’re friend, too.

    Can’t hurt to open you’re heart to him or her. Might be the start of Great Joy for you!

  6. No reason to worry the cat just probably likes you but is offish about approaching. Cats are a little funny about that but they are as sweet as dogs.
    The black cat crossing your path I think has to do with the mythical/legendary big black cats that are said to bring doom similar to the large red eyed black dogs of England and the UK.
    Also because they are said to be familiars to witches and sorcerers ect.
    But also they are said to bring great luck.

  7. Cats can sometimes mean good luck not always bad luck.


  8. Here’s a link to an interesting article about telling the future with what cats do:


  9. by a lottery ticket–black cats are LUCKY!!! only in the US is this a turned around superstition. I had a black cat for 18 years(R.I.P.Gypsy) and my life has been ok.

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