Q&A: what does it mean when you dream that your petting a black cat?

Question by :What does it mean when you dream that your pet a black cat? I had a dream I was walking into aa green tree in the middle of nowhere and that a black cat jumped into my arms and began to pat him, bright hair was beautiful and I felt good as in peace, then the cat was and I walked to the tree when I saw a blue bird singing and I was singing like him, and when other birds started singing blues came up from the earth, but the bird was singing opened its wings and began to dance. but all the time I felt a peace total.Mejor response: Answer

Green is the color of abundance and prosperity, trees can be symbols of knowledge and information. The black is the color of the dark and hidden things often – here you seem to embrace the dark side of yourself or your own shadow. the bluebird is often the symbol of happiness and new beginnings, the song is often a symbol to speak their truth or walk your way. The dance is a celebration. I feel ready to start a new life and new beginnings. A dream deeply spiritual.

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