Q&A: What does it mean when you dream of a black cat?

Question by Gabriella:What does it mean when you dream with a black cat? Last night I was dreaming of a black cat. The cat was friendly and always sat on my lap … I want what this means … Does anyone have any information?? Well … the cat to change into different animals … and cats eyes were as different and strange Best answer:

Answer the riddle
This means that you did not see a brown cat or white. His dream was a black.

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3 Responses to “Q&A: What does it mean when you dream of a black cat?”

  1. this is very vague information really, i mean was there any significance about this cat or was anything emphasized, what was the room you were in like did the cat remind you of anyone, just saying it was nice and sitting on your lap just means it was a normal dream with no actual meaning behind it unless you consider this to be a clingy cat that could be like someone in life you know other than that i don’t know what to tell you. sorry…

  2. You might feel you have bad luck

  3. According to Zadkiel’s Dream Book, cat dreams are unfavorable and denote “treachery and deceit.”
    According to the Obeah Bible it means “duplicity.”
    According to Madam Fu-Fu’s dream dictionary it means bet on the numbers 794 :D

    Now, my favorite dream book is actually Ask The Dream Doctor, but this book doesn’t consider symbols in dreams to mean things in the sense of prediction of events or fortune telling — it’s just reflections of one’s psychological state.
    “CAT: Feminine symbol highly associated with babies, the desire for children, and female sexuality.” A dream about a friendly cat like you describe I’d take to indicate no negative feelings on these matters.

    Additionally, I will tell you as someone who dabbles a bit in dream interpretation, I don’t like to interpret dreams with as little info as you gave — especially for fortune telling purposes. You have to be able to describe the whole dream, and if you either forget any parts or if you wake before finishing the dream, it’s no good for forecasting. Even for general ‘psychological’ interpretation I would ask for way more info than you offered up, including a lot more background info on yourself.

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