Q&A: what does it mean when two black cats cross your path?

Question by samantha:What does it mean when two black cats cross your path? The other day my friend and I were driving and went to find two black cats on both sides of each road crossed the same tiempo.Mejor response: Answer by Andrew Clements

Back a few weeks later and I’m sure there are some more (smaller) black cats crossing with them.

What do you think? Answer below

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7 Responses to “Q&A: what does it mean when two black cats cross your path?”

  1. If you’re superstitious, obviously it would mean bad luck for you. Two black cats? Double the bad luck, I guess.
    Then again, I think if you ignore it, nothing bad will happen.

  2. Nothing. Black cats are neither bad or good luck. Medieval christians persecuting people they did not like, they labeled as witches so they would have an excuse to execute them. The poor cats just ended up getting labeled & hung along with them. FYI the great plague of the 1400s got a hold be cause so many cats were killed, there was nothing to eat the rats that carried the fleas that carried the plague.

  3. The superstition says that is bad luck when 1 black cat crosses your path but im not sure about 2.

    Personally I don’t belive in superstitions I think they were just made up to paranoy whoever it was told to. Thats what I think

  4. Good luck, buy a lottery ticket!

  5. It really means nothing, For a black cat crossing your path is just pure superstition………………………………

  6. It doesn’t mean anything.

    It was just a couple of cats crossing the road – that’s it. Black fur or not, there was nothing supernatural about the cats nor their actions.

    Please, you are living in the 21st century (not the 12th). Act like it.

  7. You’re going to see little black kittens eventually.

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