Q&A: what does it mean when a black cat just appears and hang around your door?

Question by dizzydolphin:What does it mean when a black cat appears and just hang around your door? I’ve never seen a cat before in the apartment complex and now appeared no parte.Este is a kitten and was already eating something and just stand there. Most cats will run from strangers or when approached closely. He / she just sits there until my kids and pet him / her? Best answer: Answer

He wants you to feed him.

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21 Responses to “Q&A: what does it mean when a black cat just appears and hang around your door?”

  1. it’s looking for a home.

  2. he’s hungry or another is in heat

  3. She knows you have a kitchen in there!

  4. Halloween is coming.


  6. It means he’s hungry and looking for a good home.

  7. He wants a new home

  8. Maybe it is looking for someplace warm to spend the cool fall nights.

  9. they are hungry!!! they are no different than any other color cat…do be racists!

  10. Probably means you have been adopted by a hungry,lonely kitty.

  11. Maybe it got lost. Perhaps it ran away from it’s owner. Most likely he’s just looking for a nice little snack. If you like this kitty, try to find out if someone owns it before you adopt it.

  12. 1. He is hungry and wants food.
    2. He wants love.
    3. You have a mouse that he is stalking.
    4. He is lost and thinks he is home.
    5. Someone there is already feeding him.
    6. He is in fact a She and has had kittens nearby and is scouring for food.
    7. You look like someone he wants to bug.
    Well you get the idea.
    He is probably just hungry.

  13. he is looking for a home and is probably hungry. Some people say its bad luck. And a way to supposedly get rid of the bad luck is to feed the cat something treat him nice and not be afraid of it.

    good luck!!! ;)

  14. Hungry. There are tons of “outside cats” in my area. Shelter’s don’t pick them up anymore (but if they did they’d be put down so I’d rather see them outside). Give the kitty some food. If you can’t take him in, at least you’ll know he’s fed.
    I’ve done this before, and the cats’ don’t hang around like you’d think they would.

  15. It’s probably hungry or would like to be petted.

  16. Maybe wants a warm place to sleep and a good friend who will care for it

  17. , Do you believe in the occult?..someone could have cursed you, you may have made a powerful enemy. But more likely than not
    Someone dumped it..it’s hungry. It’s been at the apartment complex for a while..it was kept inside.

  18. I have a cat, who was a stray who showed up on my door one night, a few years ago, he was hungry, and scared, I took him in for the night, fed him, and got him warm, needless to say I couldnt find out where he had come from, so he is still here with me, and turned out to be the best pet I have ever had, I think your cat, has turned up the same way, If you cant find out where it came from, and you like it, and can give it a good loving home, by all means do so, there are so many lost, hungry, and scared animials running loose that people have just turned out into the world, thats just so unfare, and we the pet lovers need to do what we can to help them..good luck..

  19. this means that he probably belonged to someone and either they just left him there and moved or someone is letting him out and dont really care too much for him…most feral cats wont let people near them so that is why i say he has been familiar with humans …poor thing

  20. It sounds like someone just either dropped this cat off, or it might belong to someone at your complex. I would post a notice to see if this cat belongs to someone. One of my cats was once an abandoned cat, I took her in and she is now an inside cat. Unfortunately, people abandon animals all the time, we see it alot where I live. I hope you take her in if she needs a home.

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