Q&A: What does it mean to see cats mating in dream?

Question by JustCurious….:What does it mean to see cats mating in the dream? I dreamed I was running from someone, but I could not go one way, because there were three pairs of mating cats. Two were black and white, the other two were orange ….. I do not remember the colors of the third pair. Help interpret favorMejor response: Answer

by Miss Jade-Rose
umm maybe this is an animal interpretion what your family will be in the future .. I do not know ..

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2 Responses to “Q&A: What does it mean to see cats mating in dream?”

  1. your going to have lots of kittens lol!!! — somethings on your mind — but thast one is a bottler — good luck

  2. Dreams can not exactly be interpreted, except by yourself. Keep in mind that dreams usually stem from your lifestyle, possibly from what you had been thinking during the day. Maybe you are a cat lover and enjoy the presence of them. Maybe you also have been having a lot of sexual thoughts as well during the day as we all do. These thoughts may have coincided and like usual, dreams are chaotic and unpredictable. Hope this helps :)

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