Q&A: What does it mean to see a black cat that is not really there?

Question by JM:What does seeing a black cat that is not really there? Since I was young I used to always see a black cat pass an object, so you only see half of the end of the cat, but now over 10 years I have seen the cat over. It happens from time to time and I know that there is no real cat there, but I see the cat is always black. Do you think there is a reason for this? Best answer:

Reply by Jonathan G.
This could be a lapse in taking medications.

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9 Responses to “Q&A: What does it mean to see a black cat that is not really there?”

  1. I see that too. It is a shadow cat…..just like shadow people. Shadow animals and people are always in a black form. The cats don’t spook me, but the people ones do.

  2. mental illness or delusional

  3. Maybe you’ve been cursed with bad luck. Chant these words next time you see the black cat pass by you:

    Luck near you now will land, the bad luck has come to the end! Just move on and feel free as lucky as you will always be!

    It’s a spell to banish bad luck.

  4. Well, I’d be curious to know if you are seeing this kitty full on (I mean if you’re looking straight at it) or if you’re seeing it out of the corner of your eye. Also, does it go by really fast or does it stay there for awhile?

    With that said, this could be a visual issue. Sometimes when I whip around really fast, I’ll get a blur of black or brown, but that’s just a visual illusion, I think, and when it’s brown it’s prob. because my eyes sped over a brown object really fast before they hit blank space and my brain took awhile to catch up with my eyes. For black, this seems the most common color of peripheral view (side/corner of eye view) objects like this (things that aren’t there). I think this is more likely to happen when you’re tired. It’s happened to me with the color white before, too from what I recall. Anyway, these things, however, were more like blurs. They didn’t seem to have form like the cat you describe.

    If this is not a visual issue, it could be a mental issue. Now, I’m not calling you crazy, and it may not even be a serious mental issue. I’m just saying maybe it’s in your head for some reason. It might be a good idea to ask a therapist about it just to make sure you don’t have a serious, progressive illness. The fact that you know the cat is not an actual cat shows your reality checking is still intact, but hallucinations can be a sign of mental illness, so it’s best to check in with a therapist just to be safe and rule it out.

    It could also be a shadow animal. I personally believe in ghosts and shadow people. Like shadow people, some believe there are shadow animals- so do I. Shadow beings are seen as shadowy figures that are not bound to walls, floors, ceilings, and other flat surfaces. They can walk upright like you and I (or on all fours if its an animal) as well as appear on the wall, etc., but they are not confined to walls alone. Some people think they are evil or negative, but I do not think that is always the case. Maybe there is a shadowy kitty that likes your company?

    Here’s a question for you- do you see this cat in the same place all the time? Like at the same house? Or do you see it everywhere? Also, does it happen when you are ready to go to sleep or waking up, or does it happen whether you are tired or not, and regardless of whether you’ve been awake for awhile or are just getting up?

  5. This is either your imagination that you have carried since childhood. Knowing that there is no cat there also suggests that you are seeing things in something else. (Like you can see strange pictures in the clouds, you know?)

    This may also be halucination or a dream. You may be recounting your dreams while you are concious. You know, just remembering randomly what happened. Or lastly you could be daydreaming. It is possible that you might have been curious about the cat and kept remembering it.

  6. Obviously you are seeng something, right? Do not discount your perception of the black cat. Now you are wiser and see the the whole entity. Bravo!

  7. It means someone changed a code in the Matrix.

  8. It is nothing but visual hallucination. Which is
    false perception of something that is not really there. Hallucinations may be visual, auditory, tactile, gustatory (of taste), or olfactory (of smell). They may be provoked by psychological illness (such as schizophrenia) or physical disorders in the brain (such as temporal lobe epilepsy or stroke) or they may be caused by drugs or sensory deprivation. Hallucinations should be distinguished from dreams and from illusion (since they occur at the same time as real perceptions and are not based upon real stimuli).
    I think you should have a counselling with a good psychiatric or just forget all these
    best of luck

  9. There is a reason for this but that reason can only be realized by you. Someone is telling you something and, as the cat is becoming clearer to you now as you’re older, perhaps the `message’ is also becoming clearer – only you can’t see it. I’d suggest meditating on what the cat means to you/where you see the cat/what you’re doing just before the cat appears/how you feel after seeing the cat and see if this provides you with any insight into the `reason’ for the cat. I don’t mean get into the lotus position and chant type of meditation – just find a quiet place in your day to ask yourself questions and allow yourself answers. The Truth is always there – spelled out like CHINA on a map – so large we don’t see it. I’d agree with a previous poster here and suggest also you look into shadow people/animals. Your black cat could be a Totem figure with a message for you – but you must be able to interpret the message. Meditate on it – I’m sure the reason for it all will become clear. All the best to you.

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