Q&A: What do you do when a black cat crosses your path?

Question by missunafraid77:What to do when a black cat crosses your path? Every time a black cat crosses my path something bad happens to me. Is there a spell that could kepp from the intersection where or anything else I can do? Best answer:

Reply by Clay
Do you think that bad things happen because of the cat, but bad things happen everyday people. You are just seeing a connection of cause and effect does not exist. The cat does not make bad things happen.

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15 Responses to “Q&A: What do you do when a black cat crosses your path?”

  1. I don’t know if I believe you…Every single time a black cat crosses you, something bad happens? Sounds too superstitious.

  2. You need to immediately spin 3 times in a circle counter-clockwise while urinating and saying your personal mediation mantra.

  3. Whenever a black cat crosses my path I bend down to pet it. I love kitties, especially black ones. I feel they are ones to bring good fortune instead of the latter, and people are overly paranoid.

  4. Le t the cat go. If it hisses or claws at you, kick it.

  5. I go “ooh a kitty.”

  6. Grab some ketchup and enjoy.

  7. Turn around and go back the other way.

  8. Call to it. Pet it.
    I own two black cats.
    If one crosses my path, odds are it’s mine.

  9. um i have a black cat and yea its not bad luck

  10. That is an old wives tale and Urban Legend. Black cats have no supernatural ability to cause bad luck. In fact most are at a disadvantage when hunting during daylight as they show up more clearly than most other cats. The supernatural abilities attributed to the black cat actually were never heard of until the christian church and their professional Witch hunters proclaimed them as unlucky and as Witches familiars.

  11. Lol, the thing to do is spit. That’s what we always do when we see a black cat. In some places, the black cat is actually considered good luck.

  12. buy a lottery ticket, it’s good luck. especially if the cat walks toward you or from left to right.
    I had a black cat for eighteen years, I’ve had a very blssed life and she was one of the blessings.

  13. That is a COMPLETELY fictional superstition and is not true at all.
    It works like this.
    Bad things happen to you everyday, but when this ”black cat” crosses your path, it’s the only time you realize it because it’s linked to bad luck. It is not true at all.
    Black cats cross my path all the time, I even own a black kitty, nothing life-changing ever happens. :-/
    It isn’t true at all. There is no evidence to support this ‘theory.’

  14. Poor cats. How would you feel if people thought you caused bad luck?
    I truly don’t believe black cats are unlucky. I think they’re adorable :)

  15. I trip over them because they are always twining themselves around my feet. Then get up laugh and cuddle them. It’s a stupid and ugly superstition anyway. I love cats, people can be evil, not animals. A cat is simply a cat nothing more. Humans are the twisted ones.

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