Q&A: what do I do about the black cat?

Question by Nick:What I can do with the black cat? At night, especially during the hours of silence, the black cat follows me will not let me rest. He is revealed in the shadows. He does not like the light. Light is your enemy, the devil of his soul. It moves quickly, clearly not revealed, but as a black image in my mind. He is silent. It’s faceless, featureless. Although when I see it, I hear the cries of thousands of tortured souls in my mind. So now I have to ask, what do I have to do about this black cat Best Answer : Answer

by Judith F
Write a poem.

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4 Responses to “Q&A: what do I do about the black cat?”

  1. Stay in the light, don’t look at its face, or give it catnip to make it happy? =P

  2. Hi from France

    Just stop smoke weed please !.. Then the demon cat will disappear, believe me !

    Have a nice day,

    Cat. ( no no, I’m not a true cat ! )

  3. Go to a psychiatrist to obtain some medication to make the black cat disappear. Permanently. Also, maybe then you will stop posting these kinds of questions on Yahoo! Answers.

    My next Yahoo question: What do I do about the poster who asked what he should do about the black cat?

    UPDATE: Don’t smoke weed. A second black cat will appear. They will start stalking your mind…and then dancing…

  4. Invite doG into your heart & the cat will flea your mind.

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