Q&A: What do 3 black cats sitting in triangle formation mean?

Question by linder_420:What 3 black cats sitting in triangle formation mean? i have had our house spirits, house was blessed again, finally, a team of paranormal investagtors come check it out, as we were waiting for my husband saw three black cats sitting in a triangle formation, then when the computer Here we meet the team “manager” sister fell into his car and was injured. What does this mean? was the “demons” in charge? tyMejor response: Answer

by Eve
black cats are really lucky. Anyone who has had black cats know.

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One Response to “Q&A: What do 3 black cats sitting in triangle formation mean?”

  1. Perhaps the reason the spirits came back is because even though you have had your house blessed, there may be something in/under your house which may be holding them there.
    Im not sure what the 3 black cats in triangle formation mean, but i know that black cats and the number 3 have often been related to magic.
    It could be that the 3 cats were a warning.
    If the spirits are not causing any harm, it might be best to leave them be. Not all spirits are harmful/evil. We have spirits that live with us.. we consider them to be our guardians. They are occasionally active, but they have done us no harm.
    Ive heard that some spirits may react violently when humans try to banish them.

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