Q&A: What colour would the litter of a black cat be?

Question by  Nathan A7X Blair:What color of sand from a black cat Is there any chance that the kitten can be white? Do not know who the father is, so it could be any color for all I know, however, most cats in the street are colored negro.gracias: DMejor response: Reply

probably mainly black with a white can. Friend of mine gray / white queen has had a litter of black Tom local courtesy and the three black kittens, one white and black. Litters of four (or more) I’ve seen have mainly been the predominant color of one of the parents of one of them a little different, for example, three kittens and a ginger / orange a tiger father and a mother tortoisehell (callico ).

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3 Responses to “Q&A: What colour would the litter of a black cat be?”

  1. http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/e/e8/Mendelian_inheritance_3_1.png

    you can plug in what your cat is and the possibility of what the dad is to figure out what the kids will be

    look up info on using punnett squares

  2. That depends because your cat could of had an ancestor that was a different colour and so could the other cats and that gene could have a possibility of being in either your cat or one of the males. but if the male was black as well then some of you kittens will have just black genes but others could have other colours it described much better if you would search in a search engine either Mendelian Genetics or Mendelism.

  3. Black is the dominate solid color (with tabby being dominant over solid) so the cat could carry any number of other colors except red which is co-dominant and would result in a tortoiseshell, tabby which is dominant over solid and white spotting which is dominant. It really depends on what genes she carries that the black masks and what genes the male carries. Yes if both she and the male carry the gene for white you could have white kittens.

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