Q&A: What colour kittens do i expect from a black & white and brown tabby cat?

Question by Sparkle Star x:What color kittens I can expect from a tabby cat in black and brown? My neighbors cat is black and white, and she is pregnant with my brown tabby and there can be other cats that had become pregnant. What color of sand that will most likely get? Just know that my mother was a white cat and negroMi neighbor says it will give me some kittens Best answer: Bob

Does it matter? KITTENS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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7 Responses to “Q&A: What colour kittens do i expect from a black & white and brown tabby cat?”

  1. My cats had a similar cross and I got a litter full of tabbies…but most were dark tabbies, pretty much black!

  2. You wont get any litter. The litter belongs to the mother’s owners. Please quit overpopulating the world and get your tom fixed before he starts spraying your house.

  3. should expect gray and brown kittens

  4. Without knowing the colors of both sets of grandparents and THEIR parents, it’s just a guess. Genetics need to be known back beyond just the parent’s coloration.

  5. my black cat had all brown tabby kittens and the father was a tabby. tabby is the dominant color for domesticated cats because their ancestors which where wild cats were tabby. Most of the kittens will probably be tabby. but some might be black or black and whie

  6. I live on the farm and this single pregnant cat came along.It was black&white and I thought the father was a tabby because the kittens was an assorted litter.

  7. You need to neuter your cat before he produces any more unwanted kittens. Your neighbor needs to spay her cat too. She sounds like she is pawning the kittens off on you. They are very expensive to take care of and you need to do so properly.

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