Q&A: What breed of cat is the veritable “Black Cat”?

Question by Alexi B:What breed of cat is the real “Black Cat” Whenever we see a Halloween movie or a movie about witches, and have a Black cat with yellow eyes, what breed it most likely? I like to have someday. I looked online and race Bombay seems to fit perfectly. What do you think? Best answer:

Answer by C
short hair usually nacionalsin specific breed true – just a color

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6 Responses to “Q&A: What breed of cat is the veritable “Black Cat”?”

  1. We own a black cat like that, Bombay’s are the right cat. They are from the panther family. You can even find some that are even closer to the panther family but I am not sure exactly what the name was. Ours is jet black and she has the “i do what i want attitude” which those types of cats have :) . You have the right idea though Bombay is a jet black cat (no spots of color on them most of the time) and have the yellow eyes. Your right on the dot!

  2. A Black Cat isn’t really a breed. More of a color. Such as a spotted dog (could be a Dalmation or just a coat on another breed of dog.) So the Black Cats in Movies is probably just a domestic short haired cat. They come in many breeds. Just a Black coat.

  3. That would be the Bombay cat. I use to own one years ago, he had green eyes and no spots. He was a beautiful cat.

  4. I think it just looks like an ordinary domestic shorthair cat – not any particular breed to me.

    BTW a Bombay is a domestic cat (not related to a “panther” at all). Its really from the Burmese cats. The Bombay was developed from Burmese and black domestic shorthair cats. Its a purebred cat.

  5. A domestic short hair.

    Black cats are the best! Mine is such a snuggler.

  6. Most of the time it’s not a breed at all – it’s a domestic shorthair just like over 97% of the cats on this entire planet. I have yet to see a single black cat in a movie that was a Bombay. They have a VERY distinctive look to their faces and are a bit smaller than domestics.

    Bombay – http://www.pictures-of-cats.org/images/bombay-cat-amanda.jpg

    black domestic – http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_y0mmhvYNQ80/RyVYsNRgBAI/AAAAAAAAAW4/bOFZzOsd0-E/s400/Black%2BCat.jpg

    edit: LOL at the Bombay being related to the panther! They’re NOT – they were bred from domestic cats. They also tend to have copper eyes more often than gold. I’m sure this person’s “Bombay” is a domestic.

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