Q&A: What are some sources where the typical image of the witch (pointed hat, cauldron, black cat, cloak) is seen?

Question by tja:What are some sources where you see the typical image of the witch (pointed hat, kettle, black cat, layer) What I mean is that during the 16 and 17 of European witchcraft trials of the century, there were a lot of women convicted and one reason was because the witch was portrayed often as an old woman with a black cloak over a broom, with a black cat, pointy hat, and the pot and such. What are some of the places where this image originated? and What are some of the sources, which clarifies the image portrayed and even influenced the evidence and charges 16 and 17 century? Best answer : Lucinda Response

Christians wanted to get rid of paganism that killed a group of innocent men, women and children, and did righteousness saying they were “bad” just because they did not worship their god ugly green skin celoso.La images come from how innocent women beaten, when Christians beaten and burned. How to love.

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