Q&A: What are some good names for a male black cat?

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by Bigod
Question by Kass:What are some good names for a male black cat? I’m getting a black kitten and a male. I want the name is unique .. for example the name of my other cat is Venus (woman) .. I was thinking about the name of Jupiter, but I like it that way. To suggest names? Cat Black Breeds Thanks! Best answer:

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10 Responses to “Q&A: What are some good names for a male black cat?”

  1. http://www.cat-dog-names.com/black-cat-names.html

    Here is a huge list of black cat names. They are pretty good too, check them out.

    I like: Eclipse, Blackjack, Ace
    But there are lots of other good ones on there that you might like better.

  2. I like the name Neptune… another planet and I think that it would suit a black cat nicely. :]

  3. I really like the name Onyx for a black cat because it’s not a common name and it sounds pretty cool


  4. Blackie,Midnight,Warlock,Saturn,Pluto,Thriller should be good names for a black cat.

  5. I always wanted to name my kitten Demitri..

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