Q&A: What are some connections to Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Black Cat”?

Question by JLs:What are some of the connections to Edgar Allen Poe, “The Black Cat” AP English III, we have to analyze some of the most famous works of Poe. My group is “The Black Cat.” First, we had problems with the issue, so if you have any idea about this, please do not hesitate to respond. Another thing we have to do is make connections with other literary or real life events. This has given us a lot of problems. If you have any idea, it would be greatly appreciated! Best answer : Reply

Well, a relationship with another work would be as follows …. The Tell-Tale Heart. In both stories, the narrator is obviously deranged. Both are said at the point of view first person by a narrator who insists he is not crazy. At the heart whistleblower who kills a man because of his eye, and the Black Cat the cat’s eye out. In both stories was hiding a corpse and tried to get away with it ………………. but in both was discovered. Hope this helped a bit.

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One Response to “Q&A: What are some connections to Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Black Cat”?”

  1. We are all crazy on some level. Whether it’s greed for wealth, some chronic phobia or drug and alcohol addiction. Whatever “IT” is we all have one, that character flaw or some vice. The “IT” for Poe is the black cat. Although he loved the cat the most, he kills the cat-symbolic of ending an addiction, but the cat comes back, symbolic of a relapse. In the end he inadvertently kills his wife while trying to break the habit-like a divorce as a result of an addiction or maybe stepping on a friend for a promotion. He attempts to cover up his crime but ultimately must pay the karma gods for his evil choices. It’s a great little story (although somewhat vial and disturbing). It makes you think of what your “Pluto” might be?
    Have fun with it!

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