Q&A: Should people be carefull about giving a black cat away at this time of year?

Question by John S:Should people be careful of giving away a black cat at this time of year? I see ads on the internet with people looking for a new home for a black cat and gives gratuita.En so be careful if it is halloween soon and the new owner wants it for some reason must be given mal.NUNCA no cat away without checking the new owner and first hogarMejor response: Reply

People should be very careful relocation cats of any color all year round.

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7 Responses to “Q&A: Should people be carefull about giving a black cat away at this time of year?”

  1. it is because some people kill black cats in the halloween.

  2. Not only should this not be done, but folks with black cats need to keep them inside starting a few days before Halloween. Black catnapping is quite common at this time of year.

  3. that s sad if they wanna hurt it, so yeah for sure people should wait for haloween to pass or really make sure the new family is not gonna be cruel.

  4. What a dumb superstition..
    I have a black cat with orange eyes and he is gorgeous.

  5. Here in the UK every shelter that has homeless cats will refuse to give black ones away at this time of year(Halloween),

    and wont give any animal away at christmas time, as many people think its a good idea to get a new pet for christmas then throw the elderly one out on the streets so cruel,

    so if i had a black cat needing a home i wouldn’t advertise at this time of year no way,i wouldn’t let any animal go at christmas either for the reason i have just mentioned.

  6. Please, don’t give Black cats away for free, especially at Halloween (end of October). There should be a Black cat blackout in effect from mid October until mid November. Giving away kittens is dangerous at any time, due to animal testing labs paying people to bring animals in. But at Halloween, giving away a black cat is especially dangerous, since a lot of kids or even adults will sacrifice them or use them as props for Halloween parties, then dump them. Please, spare any black cat that fate!

  7. I’ve seen a lot of ads lately on craigslist pets for “just in time for halloween–a litter of black kittens!” I think it’s a horrible idea, and I usually email people and warn them. There are a bunch of truly sick people out there who would torture black cats, use them in rituals, etc. during the halloween season. Also, regardless of the color, you really have to be careful giving a cat (especially kittens) to people without doing a check first. People will also use kittens and young cats to bait dog fights. :(

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