Q&A: seeing a black cat walk dwon the street and cross you path?

Question by beforehonorxcore:see a black cat walking dwon the street and cross that road? this is a repost for me another question, but I have a little AOF a problem with paranoia and anxiety, but I saw enough black cat walking away from me down the road then turn into a drive and then stop the bad guys think can? Best answer : Answer

gletho106 Why
think superstitions are true?

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6 Responses to “Q&A: seeing a black cat walk dwon the street and cross you path?”

  1. Sure you’ll be okay. Black cats are not bad luck. I have one.

  2. In my faith that was an extremely fortunate sign! Lady Frigga’s chariot is pulled by black cats. The All Mother sent one of her cats to watch over you or bless you! I have a black cat visit me every morning. I feel very blessed by Lady Frigga, the All Mother. You should, too.

  3. Don’t be silly- black cats are actually good luck!

  4. Actually’ I see one like every other day! LMAO” Maybe i should be asking that question? But according to old legends of the dark magicians, They claim it’s a sign of “doom” But i think most of it’s just in your head brother. Go get a pellet gun and shoot the bastard if it bothers you that much. Love: Ronnie.

  5. So, a black cat crossing your path is unlucky, you say? Interestingly that is what many believe in the USA and many European countries, but that very same belief in Japan is flipped on its head- they believe it is good luck. The next time a black cat crosses your path, just say “Konichiwa” and take control of your own luck.


  6. If I saw the cat I’d be thinking ‘is that one of the ferals we’re feeding?’.

    The coat color of a cat has nothing to do with luck or danger to a human. Don’t go overboard on this.

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