Q&A: Prevent a bad odor from cats in the house?

Question by yasmeen:Avoid a bad smell of cats in the house? So the only reason my dad does not want a cat is because he think his will stink the house and leave the skin around the house. The skin part is true in part because the cat insurance want a Persian, but there is a way to prevent spilling much? Thank you! Best answer: Answer by PAPA

Brush the cat every day with a special brush you can get at the pet store. It only takes like 3-5 minutes. Vacum their sofas with pet powder once a week. Get the cat a cat condo or let him pick a place that you like and do jumping disourage furniture. I have two, £ 14 long haired cats and I live in a small apartment, and when I do I can not see any hair. But I say u want to keep them out of the places guests sat because if you wear black pants could get cat hair everywhere.

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