Q&A: Poll: Do you experience bad luck after seeing a black cat?

Question by FRAGGER Cat Black Breeds oll: Are you experiencing bad luck after seeing a black cat Well, I think I had the opportunity of 95% bad luck of being in a bad luck after seeing a black cat. My luck changed a lot and I wondered if it happens to many others. I know this is a bit superstitious, but it’s worth trying to see the others point vista.Mejor response: Reply

No, it’s a good thing because I have a black cat.

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10 Responses to “Q&A: Poll: Do you experience bad luck after seeing a black cat?”

  1. Then you better stay away from black pu$ $ y.
    It’s only for black guys…lol.
    Since we never get cursed.

  2. Nup. I don’t have any changes in luck.
    Well actually, I am allergic to black cats (well, all cats actually) so if I get too close I get rashes and sore eyes, does that count?

  3. nope

    lol @ ed’s answer.

    anyway my luck hasn’t been any worse and trust me I’ve tipped salts, I’ve gone under stairs, I’ve seen black cats and I broke a mirror once

  4. No. I see a black cat often, a friends cat. He had bad luck though. He was thrown from a car when he was a kitten, shattering his jaw and a few teeth. But, he was lucky because a kind person picked him up and took him to a veterinarian. Then, because she did not care for cats, found a good home for this cat with my friends. She even paid the vet bill.
    Dishrag is now 9 years old, a very large cat and one of the most loving cats I’ve ever seen.

  5. I have a black cat, so my life must be one cesspool of bad luck. ::eyeroll::

    As an animal lover, I find your little superstition to be highly offensive. Blacks cats suffer from being the least adopted type of cat at animal shelters, and even receive abuse from those who hold the superstitious beliefs you do.

  6. Poor black cats, they get the brunt of it all. If it isn’t superstition they are often kidnapped and ritually sacrificed every year around Halloween.

  7. Grandma Britney has two black cats and no bad luck. It’s bad luck to eat at the Chinese Restaurant or to drive past an Asian. I get gas or my Buick usually gets totalled. :(

  8. No, i experience bad luck after seeing a white cat.

  9. My 9 month old cat is black, and he crosses my path at least 5 times a day. The week after I brought him home from the animal shelter, I got a promotion.

    Check it out. =)

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