Q&A: please say anything that will help me stop crying. My black cat Clementine has been missing for 2 days. ?

Question by gladiola:please say something to help me stop to mourn. Passion black cat has been missing for two days. I found the remains of a black cat in the field behind my house. I can not say for sure if its her, but I think it was very healing is.She cat – help me through the depression and the pain of losing two brothers. I survived that and that may sound silly, but I just I can not mourn and do not know how to get on with my daily life. Is there anything? Best answer: Reply

Try to do something to help you stop thinking about your cat. Placarding lost and tell your neighbhors to keep an eye out for your cat.

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14 Responses to “Q&A: please say anything that will help me stop crying. My black cat Clementine has been missing for 2 days. ?”

  1. sorry for your loss but the best thing to do is to just cry it out

  2. Don’t get too sad, there are a lot of black cats out there and the tough part is they all look the same. I did the same thing when my baby got out, but he came back. Just hope that she will come home

  3. I’m sorry. I hope you feel good soon! I had a similar thing happen to my cat Tiger. he was missing and I found some remain in my back pasture.
    it’s tough, but you can pull through it. try and stay busy, it really does help. best wishes.

  4. I’m sorry. It’s hard losing a pet, especially when one was as important as Clementine. We had to put our cat down about a year ago and I went to a shelter and got a 5 month old kitten. She can’t replace our other kitty, but she is really sweet and takes my mind off of things. Think about getting another. It will help you heal.
    I lost two brothers also. It’s hard.

  5. Aw, thats so awful to find your cat, Are you sure its definately your kitty. Have you rung your vets? Or anywhere else, Where she could have been handled in.. Could you send the bones or whatever you found, To your vets for a post-mortan?

    Best of luck, Email me if you need a chat. xxxxx

  6. How in HELL did your cat get in the field behind your house?
    I’ve got six cats of all ages and never has one gotten out!

    I’ve lost beloved cats before either by an illness or just plain old age BUT never cause one has gotten out!!!!

    I kinda want to feel sorry for u but I can’t. Sounds like it was your fault, cats should be kept indoors, always!

  7. if u loved that kitty and showed it then if it died and rains it means guys taken care of him or her if we were friends i be there for u and tell u everthings goin to be okay cry it out alll of it dont let anything to stop u from cryin my dog had puppies and two died i let it all out

  8. Sorry to hear about your cat. The same thing happened to me…I had a beautiful white cat who disappeared one fall day. I grieved and cried for weeks over the loss. I eventually got over it, when one day while I was out in the yard one and a half years later, he came bounding down the side yard towards me. I could not believe my eyes! I was thrilled to see him and he had travelled a long long ways to return. He had a chunk out of one ear, a slash on his side, a chunk out under his eye. His foot pads were tough as leather! He was pretty wild, but none the less my cat. He would not allow me to keep him indoors. As soon as it was dusk he wanted out again,and I always let him out and he would return sometimes the next day, maybe a few days in between, but I got to spend most of the summer with him. The last I saw him, he was walking away from my house and he kept looking back over his shoulder and I sensed that was the last I was going to see him, and it was. I lost the same cat twice and will never ever forget the pain and loneliness. Nothing helps I am afraid other than keeping your mind busy and in time the hurt will lessen. I still love that cat of mine and miss him dearly and that was almost 35 years ago.

  9. I’m so sorry :( . I know how it feels to lose someone you love. Just the other day my bunny almost broke lose out of her stroller outside and I was extremely devasted for the rest of the day of what might have happened to her :( .
    Anyway’s, I know it seems kinda gross…..but I wonder if there’s any way that a vet could tell if the remains is actually your cat? Because finding out if it’s your cat could actually bring some peace in your heart instead of wondering if she’s still out there? Maybe not…you be the judge I guess. In the meantime: Put up lots of flyers if you have pictures of her that will work in finding her ^_^. Good luck sweetie. Again, I am very sorry.

  10. I lost my puppy a couple years ago and here’s what I did to help me:

    I know it may sound insane right now, but go buy yourself another kitty. I know it’ll never replace your Clementine, but the new kitty will be something for you to love and care for and will help the healing process along. I lost my miniature schnauzer and I went and bought myself two scottish terriers and they’ve made my life so much easier. It’ll really help ^_^

  11. its a damn shame that she had to go but look on the bright side look into buying a new kitty and name him thomas

  12. Yea… Your cat is Dead now, so stop your Crying.

  13. yes stuff helps pray for your cat to come back make poster cry it out a little check to see if it is your cat do things to keep her off your mind and keep on trucking

  14. I know this sounds awful, but it works really well.

    If you get a kitten, it will take your mind off of your loss.

    Also, don’t lose hope! Cats love to play outside, and she is probably just playing.

    If she has a microchip, you might be able to find her!

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