Q&A: Our long haired cat has little black dots on skin (all over) which cling to the base of the hair. What is this

Question by Mari:Our long haired cat has small black spots on the skin (all) that attach to the base of the hair. What is this The cat also has dry skin (white patches) to brush her hair. black dots are attached to the base of the hair. I see no little creatures running. Gracias.Mejor response: Answer

by kellyherts
sounds like flea dirt

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8 Responses to “Q&A: Our long haired cat has little black dots on skin (all over) which cling to the base of the hair. What is this”

  1. I think it sounds like flea waste .

  2. could be flea faeces

  3. I was going to say ticks, but apparently it’s flea crap.

    Either way your cat must be going nuts!

  4. The black specks are flea droppings. Fleas actually spend more time in the carpet, ground, furniture, etc, than on the pet, but they leave their droppings behind. The white specks is like dandruff.

  5. It sounds like flea eggs. You may want to get some Frontline or other flea remedy on her asap. You can try to give her a flea bath but with the dry skin it could aggrevate it. I am giving my cats Brewers Yeast with Garlic. it is supposed to help dry skin and give shine to the fur. You can buy it at Walmart or pet stores. It is cheap and you give one a day to your cat. Mine take them like treats, no hassle. Hope this helps

  6. Yup, flea dirt. Check the stomach area and you will probably see the little buggers scurrying around.

    Frontline will kill the flea and the eggs. Take a sample of the cat poop to the vet so they can check to see if your can now has tapeworms, which come from ingested fleas. She could have swallowed one while cleaning herself.

  7. at first i thought to go along with what everyone is saying – that the black dots are flea dropings. But you said “all over” and that the cat also has white flecks and dry skin. So, I am thinking that your cat has a fungi infection very akin to dandruff. It won’t hurt to try this: shampoo the cat with human anti-dandruff shampoo like “Head and Shoulders” (anti-dandruff shampoo contains zinc, which is the primary ingredient that kills the fungus). Work lather well nto cat’s fur and skin. Leave on for at least 3 mins. Rinse off completely. (I hope you know how to bathe your cat? Filling bath tup 1/4 to 1/3 with warm water and making kitty stand in in while keepinf a firm hold on the scruff of his neck is how i do it).

    If there is no improvement after a week, then its time to see the vet.

  8. maybe its the flea dirt left from the fleas.

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