Q&A: My mother and I are arguing about my cat?

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by Bibi
Question by …:My mother and I are arguing about my cat? We were watching Dancing with the Stars and she claims that my cat, if she was a real woman, women seem to Nicole. We’ve had this discussion many times and I always say that if she was human, she would look like Audrey Tautou.Mi cat is all black. Who do you think is closer? My mother always says Kim Kardashian and tanned women, but my cat would be a fair-skinned woman with beautiful black hair and a small nose and eyebrows nice and she has a lovely style, elegant and simple. Best answer: Answer

by Anna
… I think you and your mother should find something better to discuss! LOL But seriously, you’d have to send a photo of the cat to get a fair trial. Cat Black Breeds

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3 Responses to “Q&A: My mother and I are arguing about my cat?”

  1. I agree with Anna but lets see its who’s cat? Oh yeah yours! I think you have a place to say what she would like as a human not your mom! She could say what she thinks but she can’t argue it!

  2. Wow… 0_o

    Wrong section for cats, sorry. But, a picture could indeed help!

    Have a nice day! (Or life in general!)

  3. Wtf. This is the weirdest thing about a cat I’ve ever read.

    But I’d say Audrey.

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