Q&A: My friend thinks that all black animals are evil?

Question by Wind chaser:My friend thinks that all blacks are bad animals? Black cats, dogs, rottweilers and dobermans (mostly), crows, ravens, etc. My friend-girl has always had this fear of animals that are black. Is this some sort of psychological thing or superstitious Best Answer : Answer

by Rachel
not is just stupid.

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14 Responses to “Q&A: My friend thinks that all black animals are evil?”

  1. definitely psychological!

  2. I would say superstitious because of the whole crows are evil and black cats are bad unless shes like deathly terrified then it might be a psychological thing.

  3. wow! i never knew racism would spread as far as animals now!:P

  4. Something is wrong with her, she should see a phsychologist/psychiatrist about this.

  5. That’s alright Christians think non Christians are evil. and going to hell.. Superstitious exactly. Remember they burned people they thought were witches.

  6. It’s because your friend is a racist!
    No, no, I’m just joking, seriously.
    I think it’s probably superstitious because people have always seen the color black as a symbol of darkness. They’re protrayed them in several stories, myths, etc. as being something that represents evil. So, that’s probably why she may think like that.
    But, in most usual circumstances, there’s nothing to be afraid of a black animal. For example, a good friend of mine had a black Dog named Boo, and she was the most cutest and hyperactive furball I’ve ever met. She wouldn’t bite anyone, or so much as even chase down a squirrel.
    But, if it becomes too much of a problem for her and you, then you should probably try to help her out of this. But, that’s just my personal opinion.

  7. I bet she also thinks black people are evil. Your friend is a racist fool.

  8. No she is wrong. I have a Rottweiler who is the sweetest animal known to man.

  9. in folklore and old wives tales a black cat is usually a familiar of a witch- there is a belief that if one walks acros your path you must turn around and journey another way- the cat itself isnt evil, but an omen to not venture any further.
    the black dog was a sign of death, anyone who sees a large black dog was apparently going to die, or bring death into the houshold.
    as for crows and ravens, they are collectively known as a murder. they are carrion eaters and therefore have been labeled as creatures that shroud death- wherever a crow or raven is there is said to be a dead animal of some description nearby (unless its not quite dead yet).

    in reality, all these animals have gotten bad press and are just like any other animal surviving in nature.

    does she also think this is evil?>http://kittymowmow.files.wordpress.com/2008/01/black-puppy.jpg

  10. well, i guess that sometimes it is a superstition, but only animals that represent death, crows, raven, black dogs. ect. but not all animals are considered evil because they are black

  11. I was going to answer your question with a joke about her being racist but seeing as many other people already told that joke I won’t. I think she is most likely either a.really superstitious b.crazy or c.both. I think you should ask her why she believes that. If she gives a crazy answer like Jerry the magical talking ferret who lives in her ass told her than I think you should probably exercise caution when around her. Also, does she even think penguins are evil?

  12. My dog is black and he is cute and nice. My cat is white black and brown but evil not like in a demon way but she scratches people :O So no. Thats stupid

  13. There’s a difference between being superstitious and psychological. Being superstitious your friend make look into the omens these animals may mean but not take it to seriously. Psychological is when a person has an irrational fear of a color or of spiders or anything like that. So your friend does indeed have psychological problem and really should get help before it gets even worse

  14. she is right ——————————-but not 100% right

    evil spirits and satanic forces ———–do possess black animals mostly——–

    it dosen’t mean that evil spirits will possess each and every blackcat ,,black dog or crow on this earth—————–one in 50000 may be———–

    also those evil spirits will not possess these black animals and birds all the time continuously—————–they possess it only for a small period of time ———when ever they want

    especially when witches want to harm some-one thay send evil spirits to harm them ——–these evil spirits possess a black cat—or black dog or black crow or a black rat [bandicoot] and come near you ———-to do you harm————-

    i myself saw a black cat staring at me one night with glowing eyes at terrace of my house when i came out of the room—————-it didn’t run away even when i shooed it ——–i immediately called out my guru’s name[spiritual teacher] and suddenly the black cat got nervous and ran away————-later i learnt that this was the handi work of one of our jealous relatives———who sent evil my way————–but my guru always saves me and my family from evil people and evil forces—————-

    whatever your friend is saying is right ————it happens only on special occasions like devil time,,,possession only for a little time ,,,,and not on each and every black animal or balck dog on this earth

    the black animals are not evil ———–its the satanic forces and evil spirits which posses them are evil——

    good luck

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