Q&A: My cat is getting black things under her chin what could it be?

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by elkit
Question by MARCOS V:My cat is black do things under the chin what could be? My cat has been getting small black ball under the chin can be removed, but now I have more and fear it could harm by trying to carry them out. I’m sure that has nothing to do with anything outside because it is a cat interior.Mejor response: Reply

may be feline acne. can be seen as small black granite, and is often caused by such things as a reaction to a plastic container. can also be caused by a bacterial or fungal infection, among other cosas.trate to change the font and see if that helps everyone. stainless steel or glass works well (and the most superficial of the best and that foster deep chin wet), and are easier to clean anyway. keep your chin is dry kitten limpio.si does not work, go to your vet. can take an antibiotic or cortisone

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4 Responses to “Q&A: My cat is getting black things under her chin what could it be?”

  1. Does it possibly look like acne?? If so, easily treated with an antiseptic scrub, clean it really well and depending on the severity may need to be looked at by your regular veterinarian in case the cat may need antibiotics to help clear it up or keep it under control. Another tip is to use metal food bowls and keep them clean regularly instead of using plastic food bowls which may absorb and retain bacteria therefore causing continual outbreaks.

  2. Well, I was going to say ticks, until I read the indoor cat part. Maybe you should take her to the vet with those things on her, and see what he/she says.

  3. Probably chin acne. If you use plastic bowls, get rid of them and use ceramic or stainless steel, and wash them frequently (preferably in the dishwasher if you have one). Get some gauze pads, and clean her chin daily with the gauze and hydrogen peroxide, scrubbing gently. If that doesn’t work, get stridex pads – not the extra strength ones, just the regular, and use them every other day. In most cats this will take care of it, but some cats have a bad case and infection, and need antibiotics to help get rid of it.

  4. Feline acne.

    If you use plastic bowls for the food, this can make the problem worse for the cat. Switch to glass or ceramic and wash it every other day.

    What’s happening is the cat is sliding her chin on the plastic when eating the food, which cakes it against the fur. This blocks the pores, and the cat can’t clean the bottomof their chin very wellwith their paws so the blocked pores start getting irritated and form blackheads and get red with irritation. It bothers the cat. You can use a soaped up section on a washcloth with warm water and sort of scrub at the area but make sure you clean off the soap really well afterwards, with dabs of just a hot wet washcloth. But switching to glass or ceramic helps a lot.

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