Q&A: My cat has black flecks in her eyes?

Question by colored_fire:My cat has black spots in your eyes? Sometimes my cat almost 18 years old, has black spots on the eyes. They are usually green, very vibrant, but I’ve noticed that sometimes there are bits of black in them. It usually goes away and the vet says he’s perfectly healthy, other than a heart murmur. Does anyone know what this means? I’m also looking up online .. Best answer : Answer

by kai s
I have an old cat who has also sure that just means there years

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2 Responses to “Q&A: My cat has black flecks in her eyes?”

  1. my cat is 18 years old he has them in 1 eye his eyes are gold now he has those flecks in 1 of them….. i think its do too age the vet says its nothing too worry about but i do …

  2. They’re called sun spots, and many older cats get them. It doesn’t affect their vision and they’re not painful. Just a sign of older age. =)

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