Q&A: My cat has black bumps on her gums?

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by Rakka
Question by Lindsay:My cat has black bumps on the gums? My cat has black skin on either side of your gums. She had them when I was younger and they were bigger, then and now they’ve gotten smaller, but they’re still pretty big. She is only four months old. Does anyone know what are the bumps? Best answer: Answer

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Some cats are marked everywhere, even in the mouth. Have you seen the vet and looked? If you change the look or if you are nervous about them I would take her to the vet and have them take a closer look if you have not already done so.

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2 Responses to “Q&A: My cat has black bumps on her gums?”

  1. This is a fairly normal condition called Lentigo Simplex. It is harmless just like human who has freckles.

    It is always wise to check out with your veterinarian to rule out something serious, especially if the spots are at all raised, inflammed or causing your pet discomfort.

    Read more about this condition here:-


  2. It can be a gum disease.Gum disease can cause cats pain and serious dental problems later in life, as well as possibly lead to more serious illnesses, such as heart and kidney disease. But gum disease can be prevented. By beginning early in your cat’s life to care for her teeth, you can spare your cat the discomfort caused by gum disease.Make an appointment with the doctor or do some research to find additional information about this.

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