Q&A: My Cat developed black marks on her face. Should I take her to the vet?

Question by jrl:My cat developed black marks on his face. I take her to the vet? My cat developed a strange black marks on your face. It seems that the black beans, freckles or pimples. She gave birth two weeks ago. Im worried because she is not as cute as her anymore. What was the cause of these brands? It’s your bloody face under your skin? I take her to the vet? Thank you for your answer, thanks! Best answer: Reply

feline acne. Consult your veterinarian about when is best after the kittens are older …

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8 Responses to “Q&A: My Cat developed black marks on her face. Should I take her to the vet?”

  1. yes take her to the vet

  2. those are normal,, they are pimples,, they can be removed my gently taking the tops off with your fingernail…my cleo gets them on her chin,,,vet says to leave them or do as i said at the beginnning.. nothing to worry about..

  3. Any time anything unusual happens to your pet you should allways take it to the vet. Usually, the vet isn’t going to make you pay just to look at something anyway. Or, another thing you could do is just call the vet and talk to them over the phone : )

  4. um i don’t know i guess you should because you don’t know what it is.But the vet should know what it is!

  5. Yes, as the first person stated…sounds like feline acne.

  6. cats can get acne and she needs to be treated, too bad you like her only because she is cute. what do you plan to do with her now that she isn’t so cute? please take her to the vet and have the acne treated and maybe she will be pretty enough to gain your love again. and then when the kittens are old enough to eat on their own, please have her spayed.

  7. My Himalayan gets them and my vet said it’s acne too. He has a severe underbite so she said bacteria from his mouth from his food is what causes it. He gets them under his nose, the side of his mouth, and under his chin. When it gets real bad the vet puts him on an antibiotic and it clears right up.

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