Q&A: My Black Cat Is Sooooooo Much Like All The Other Black Cats?

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by elkit
Question by sandeepa:My Black Cat is sooooooo Like all cats Black Other: So I was looking at pictures of cats on my website cat and I saw a picture of a black cat and looked exactly like my black cat named Magic, Magic usually comes when I call, but what if there are other cats black in the area I live in, how I can tell the difference between my cat and a black cat. Is there a specific way to tell? Best answer : Adam

Response Brainich
You can see the eye color and pattern of stain and color of the leg and employer (if any). In addition, cats have different voices, so try to remember what your cat sounds.

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3 Responses to “Q&A: My Black Cat Is Sooooooo Much Like All The Other Black Cats?”

  1. My black cat is the same. But I can tell if it is him or not, because he always has like 3 or 4 white hairs on his chest, that you can barely see. He also wears a Mjolnir (Thor’s hammer) on his collar.

    Also it helps that I don’t let him outside, at least not alone.

  2. Put a collar and tag with your name and address on him. For many reasons.

  3. well you could put a collar on your cat and even microchip him.lol Jo u beat me to it haha.

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