Q&A: My 5 year old black cat has dry skin, what can I put on it?

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by elkit
Question by nancyzuern:My 5 year old black cat has dry skin, what I can put in it? My 5 year old black cat has dry skin, what I can put in it? Maybe mineral oil? I’m not sure what to use. Thanks for your answers! Best answer: Reply

How is your black cat if you can see which is the skin? I would say that something is wrong here, go and take him to a vet as its supposed to have hair.

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12 Responses to “Q&A: My 5 year old black cat has dry skin, what can I put on it?”

  1. No you need to go to the vet and get a vitamin for the cat, it will also make her coat nice… Give the cat a brush…keep her in the aircon…

  2. Over the counter spray can be purchased, They even sell a dry cat food that can help. Ask a vet, or a groomer.

  3. If it is a cat you can bathe, rinse it with water and an ounce or two of Avon Skin-so-Soft oil.

  4. Nuetrogena. oh yeahhhh

  5. Brush the cats hair thoroughly removing all the hair and dander. Cats bathe themselves, so do not attempt to bathe the cat yourself. The problem is in the diet. Increase the fatty acids in the cats food to improve its coat and skin. If sores develop or the flaking gets worse, contact the vet. Don’t apply lotions or oils as this will only gum up the hair and make it worse.

  6. Moisturizing pet shampoo would help.

  7. I’ve heard that whipped cream is surprisingly effective for some animal skin, but looking at your picture I think you’d just eat it first.

  8. If can deal with a bath try a soothing oatmeal bath

  9. Nothing goes ON the cat, the cat needs better nutrition or an oil supplement for the skin. Vets sell Derm Caps, which are excellent. You can use one caplet of flax or primrose oil on the food once a week, if Derm Caps aren’t available.

  10. When a cat has dry skin it is usually from within so applying any thing directly on to it doesn’t help much if at all,the skin requires a well balanced diet to provide nutrients to remain healthy particularly fatty acids and fat soluble vitamins such as vitamin A are thought to be important,as are certain trace of minerals,

    minerals such as zinc some of these substances can cause problems if they are fed to excess,so they should form part of a balanced diet,one supplement that is particularly use full for for cats with dry or itchy skin is evening primrose oil,which contains large amounts of GLA,and essential fatty acid,

    you can now get it at a vet or even buy it without a vets prescription at a pet shop,and its often combined with fish oil but only use ones meant for cats only,by adding primrose oil or fish oil to the diet or even the combined one improves the condition of the cats skin,

    there are many places selling these remedies these days and you either drop some in the cats mouth with the dropper provided or drop a few drops on to the food,many cats will eat it in the food,

    washing the cat is best avoided as this just dries the skin further and wont get to the real cause just mask it and irritae in the process.

  11. Cats are just like humans… You can used head and shoulders and give him a bath and the afterwards (it will make him greasy) but you put some baby oil on him and rub it into his fur. That should do it.

  12. First of all, are you bathing this cat??? If so stop doing that. Cats are not supposed to have baths because it dries out there skin. Second, call your vet and ask them what would work to condition his fur.

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