Q&A: Looking for name/author of a childrens story about a black cat and pumpkin?

Question by sevysia:Looking for the name / author of a children’s story about a black cat and pumpkin? Hello =) As a child my mother read me a story for children that the main characters were a black cat and pumpkin. I loved this story and I would like to move to the next generation. The story was in an embossed leather-bound book and short stories for children. Unfortunately, these books were sold at a garage sale for a long time. I would love to find new books or less, we find that a particular story. I tried searching on the net without success. Hoping that someone else may remember a story too …. (Fingers crossed) Best answer: Reply

I loved this history, I have in my house somewhere, but I do not know where he is or what it was called or who wrote it! Good luck SRY, but

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