Q&A: is there such a thing as a fat black cat?

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by Bibi
Question by carrie b:Is there such thing as a fat black cat? every black cat I’ve ever met, seen or ever found has a very sound structure. usually a little lean and muscular … so, I wonder, is there such thing as a fat black cat? Best answer : Reply

there … lol I am a veterinary technician and I get to see tons of fat cattle and black cats are affected as well.

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12 Responses to “Q&A: is there such a thing as a fat black cat?”

  1. yes which isn’t good for the cats health..

  2. Hehehe yes. My neighbour has a fat cat who’s a little pudge. He’s so cute.

    <3 black cats

  3. Yes. Regardless of color, any cat that is overfed will become obese.

  4. YES! I know someone with a 25 pound black cat.

  5. Yes I used to have one called Midnight

  6. my friend has 2 black cats..they are sisters. is healthy and one is fat….. but the weired thing is the fat one is hyper and the healthy one is lazy

  7. jesse jackson after scamming all of those black peoples all of those years

  8. lol WOW you should see my grandparents cat he is black and he is the hugest cat I have ever seen!!!! So yeah there is such thing!

  9. Yes–My sister’s cat is a big fat furry thing. Her other two black cats and my mother’s are slender, sleek and one is very bony. I guess it’s like any living thing—too much food and too little exercise, and genetic makeup help to make a fat black cat.

  10. yup pretty much any cat of any color can be fat…….

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